HP4 Club is almost two year old unofficial club, that was established in October 16th, 2008 (web address was registered and site creation work was started). People who belong to the club are united not only by Honda Prelude Gen IV car, but also by the atmosphere that is created when we are together. So not the car is always that important... We appeared on the scene not only because of our own effort, but also with the help of other Lithuanian car clubs. Big thanks goes to them:) Now we try to grow up, and two year activities showed, that everything we did, was not for nothing and that here we found a second family.
We are the people, who at first place are not indifferent to each other, indifferent to the Honda Prelude - the car that brought us together but is not the one who is keeping us, indifferent to the activities we do. Meetings once per week or two in major Lithuanian cities, once in a while bigger events that gather us all together in one place, involvement with other car clubs - its what we do and like doing. We try to treat others as we want to be treated ourselves. We are open, everyone is invited, but still we try to keep the right atmosphere between us. We want to be such, and such we are.
2009.10.21 Birthday party photos available in the gallery!!!

Ho ho ho:) Forum is online now.

Now the registration is open. Nothing can be done yet after login, but keep tuned. Soon the forum will be available.